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The electronic cigarettes industry are getting more and more popular by the minute. And with this, more and more people are getting curious about it and are asking questions. If you are a beginner who are also looking for answers about your E cigarette questions then this is your lucky day. We ve gather 6 of the most popular E cigarettes question around and answer it for you. Read on as these are the answers you need to know about E cigarettes.

1. Where it originates?
A In 1963, Herbert A. Gilbert, an entrepreneur looking for a breakthrough product had patented E cigarettes. But the invention of the electronic cigarettes didn t push through until 2003. A Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik invented it fueled by his motivation to find a healthier alternative to smoking as his father just died because of lung cancer.

2. How do electronic cigarettes work?
A Electronic cigarette are composed of two primary parts. The battery and the cartridge. Whenever a user puff into the electronic cigarette, the battery powers an atomizer which heats up the liquid solution (usually consist of nicotine, propylene glycol and flavorings) contained in the cartridges. The solution then turn into vapor which is inhaled and exhaled like smoking traditional cigarettes.

3. Are they really healthier than regular cigarettes?
A The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as other health organizations are saying that there are not enough studies to prove that E cigarettes are healthier alternative to cigarettes. But logically, E cigarettes do not burn, so there is no combustion to produce the harmful carcinogens that traditional cigarettes give off. Also, some E cigarette brands like V2 cigs are very transparent on the ingredients they use in their products even providing batch testing results in their websites so you are sure that you are getting healthier alternative to cigarettes.

4. Who s smoking them?
A Everybody who is in legal age can buy e cigarettes and start vaping. Although pregnant women, those who are under medical conditions and those who have asthma are strongly discourage to use it.

5. What makes it appealing?
The most appealing factor of E cigarettes is probably the right it gives the user to use it in public non smoking areas such as bars, clubs, libraries, hospitals and more. E cigarettes are also appealing because they are much affordable than cigarettes (cost is cut in half or more). Apart from these, people also love the variety of choices they have regarding flavors, nicotine strengths, styles, length and colors. To top it all off, celebrities have already jumped on board the vaping train with endorsements from Jenny McCarthy, Stephen Dorff, and Katherine Heigl.

6. What s next for the E cigarettes world?
Right now, everyone got the choice to use their E cigarettes anywhere they want. they also have their choice to buy freely online and customize their type of E cigarettes. This is because there is currently no regulation or laws about E cigarettes nowadays. But The FDA and the Government is pushing harder to get a control on the E cigarette world. Personally, I think that sticks. They re going to drive people right back to cigarettes that are already vaping and living a healthier lifestyle. But one thing is for sure, the benefits of using Electronic cigarettes are far many to be ignore and people are intelligent enough to make the choice to switch, regulated or not. That is why the E cigarette world will continue to prosper for years to come.

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