Some dreams are quite symbolic, so the next morning people really want to understand what the visions can mean. If you dreamed of cigarettes, in reality the dreamer may have a desire to buy cigarettes online Adelaide wide.

What if you dream of cigarettes? If a person dreams of them, there is a high probability that the moment has come or will come in life when the dreamer will need rest. To restore vitality, it is enough just to go and buy cigarettes online Adelaide wide and forget about your problems. Smoking a new cigarette in a dream means starting a new business. This dream is especially important for businessmen. It can herald the conclusion of a large contract and the company’s entry into a completely different level. However, changes can occur in personal life. A new cigarette lit in a dream also symbolizes the beginning of a relationship. If a person is lonely, most likely, a lover or lover will soon appear in his life.

To smoke one cigarette after another in a dream means to have a very turbulent life. The dreamer will constantly experience some kind of upheaval. This will negatively affect his psyche and, possibly, even lead to mental disorder. To extinguish a cigarette in a dream means to part with the past. If something does not suit the dreamer in his life, he will finally find the strength to change everything. For people who live with their soul mates, but at the same time do not experience any tender feelings, such a dream can become very symbolic.

To see your acquaintances or friends smoking in a dream means to quarrel in reality. Most likely, an event will occur that will force the dreamer to change his opinion about his immediate environment. Cigarettes are a symbol of intoxicating pleasure. When a person sees them in a dream, there may be some temptation in his life, which will be very difficult to overcome.