Cigarettes for sale ukWe know that nowadays you can buy and find cigarettes everywhere…
In the past there existed some restrictions regarding the age, and the quantity you could buy. At present you cannot see such restrictions. A new way, actually it is not new at all, it appeared long before we could even imagine is online shopping. We want to refer mainly to buy cigarettes for sale uk. It is a very widely spread phenomenon met nowadays among smokers.

They pay the much lower duty for cigarettes in these countries, and then ship them to customers in the UK. The operators of these sites claim that, having paid duty in one member country, they can freely move of goods and services within the European Union, to allow them to transport cigarettes to the UK without paying any additional duty, provided they are for personal use.

Moreover, customs’ position is that tobacco dispatched by a website’s operators in one member state to a private consumer in another forms a commercial transaction and is liable to duty in the member state of destination in exactly the same way as any other commercial transaction. They say that, while individuals can buy cigarettes for their own consumption while in other EU countries, the rules are different for internet sales, and that they will impound any cigarettes shipped in this way. Recognizing that UK customs disagree with what they are doing, a few of the websites offer a free replacement shipment if cigarettes are intercepted by customs.

However, the described ordering method is much more profitable than obsolete purchases in nearby stores. You do not waste time for going around and trying to find the most appropriate offers. You remain at home and find offers with several clicks as a website will immediately present you similar products with their prices. It is easy to choose.