The Lucky Strike cigarettes brand is one of the oldest cigarette brands in the world. Since 1871, it occupies a major position in the tobacco market, and history originates from the purchase of a bankrupt factory to the recognition of the company as the most famous tobacco brand.It all began with the purchase by R.A. Patterson’s company of a burned factory for the production of chewing tobacco, and it burned down due to a strike of employees (Strike). Hence, the roots of the sonorous name.

At the origins of its activity, the newly-emerged factory was engaged in the production and sale of compression tobacco. It was a faded spot, how many of these firms of those times. The method of processing raw materials was called toasterization. Products with the inscription It’s Toasted have gained wild popularity.

The memorable logo was designed by the artist Raymond Löwy, whose portfolio included the emblems of “Shell”, “Exxon”, “Coca-Cola”, in the same 1917. At the same time, the abbreviation appeared on the packaging “L. S.M. F. T.” (Lucky Strike cigarettes fine tobacco). Advertising campaigns aimed mainly at the female half of the population followed, the male segment was already crowded. The beautiful half of Hollywood was actively involved in advertising, and the packaging of cigarettes acquired a green color that is in demand among women.

The quality and presence of tobacco can be verified by cutting the product – in cigarettes you can see whole leaves of plant origin, tightly and evenly stuffed into a paper capsule. Paper for cigarettes is also chosen special, thin, impregnated with a special composition that improves the smoldering of tobacco, but does not interfere with taste sensations. The manufacturer very strictly adheres to a stable ratio of price and quality, constantly improves the manufacturing technology and develops new types of cigarettes demanded by consumers.

There is the latest novelty of the brand. Lucky Strike cigarettes with two capsules have the following composition – 7 tar, 0.6 nicotine. In these cigarettes there are two capsules, thanks to which you can change the taste of the cigarette depending on the sequence of their use. Adherents of the traditional tobacco taste can smoke without crushing the capsules, which makes the new type of cigarettes quite universal. The presence of capsules in the filter does not make it difficult to draw in smoke.