If you are new to smoking, then when you wake up, you probably do not want to smoke. This is normal. But when you meet a new day, you can think about cigarettes uk and about the very first of them. So you prepare yourself for smoking, wake up a desire to drag on your first cigarette in a day and some time later to buy cheap cigarettes …

There is not at all a special manner of smoking the first morning cigarette. It is needed only for you to enjoy it. Taking a cigarette and placing it in the corner of your lips, try to make the first puff with a double and deep breath. For a moment, hold the smoke in your lungs until you put down your lighter, and then exhale slowly. Finding your rhythm, you will be dragged out and exhaled for several moments, several times. As soon as you calm down and the cigarette begins to do its job, you can start thinking about other things that need to be done on that day. But when you take a puff, concentrate on it and count to three.

When you take a puff, feel it in your lungs. During exhalation, look at how what has just been inside you bursts out. Over time, you will need to shake off the ashes. Be careful, if you have already done makeup, so as not to stain the fingers of the lipstick printed on the filter.
Having finished the cigarette to the end, make the last puff a little deeper, let it take, say, four seconds. However, be careful here: remember that the cigarette may be too hot and burn your fingers or lips. And yet the last puff, deeper than the rest, will give you a good boost to hold out until the next cigarette. Quickly extinguish the cigarette in the ashtray while you exhale the remnants of the smoke that you just enjoyed so beautifully. Maybe you will want to smoke a cigarette during work or between lectures at a college or university. This is perfectly normal, and this means that the time for a smoke break has come.