Cigarette smoking looked to be a dying art the combination of public smoking bans, advertising restrictions and grim packaging have combined to stigmatize smoking to the point where smokers must huddle together outdoors to enjoy a cigarette. Being ostracized has naturally made many attempt to give up smoking, but technology has provided an answer that solves all these issues. The electronic cigarette provides a means for people to smoke indoors using nicotine rich water vapor, and E Cig Reviews UK has published a list of the best E cigarettes on the market.

After over a year of constantly reviewing products, the site has now published its top five countdown of the very best e cigarette brands, with a top line including their brand, the price of their e cigarette solution and a link to their website.

The top five includes Green Smoke, Cigrees, E Lites, Red Cig and Jac Vapour, and every brand in the top five has a review between four and five stars that can be read in full on the website to help people decide which of their features are most important when making a purchase.

A spokesperson for explained, “E Cig Reviews UK is proud to have compiled this top five from a shortlist of fifteen different providers. We are confident that our top five represents the best of the market today and will be more than enough information for those looking for a better all round e cigarette experience, or those looking to convert to e cigarettes for the first time. Because we are committed to reader satisfaction, we have also included discount codes and special offers on these products where possible, so individuals can save money on the best products in the market and get both value and quality.”

About E Cig Reviews UK E Cig Reviews UK is trustworthy and reliable electronic cigarette review site. The site reviews the biggest and most famous e cig brands to provide visitors with only the most accurate and up to date information. They also offer various discount codes for visitors to get the best deals on the products they end up deciding to invest in. For more information please visit /

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