The IQOS tobacco smokes pass through filters. The material of this filter is polylactide, a biodegradable polymer based on polylactic acid, which is produced from corn starch and sugarcane. Well, the last one is a mouthpiece made of a thin acetate filter, which is mainly needed for psychological comfort. Since smokers get used to such one in classic cigarettes.
What is necessary to get the flavored flavors of IQOS tobacco vapors?

The Heets HeatSticks line has three pure IQOS tobacco flavors (Amber, Bronze, Yellow) and 2 flavored IQOS tobacco flavors (Purple, Turquoise). The question often arises about how these additional flavors are added to the sticks – menthol, citrus, wild berries.
We must say right away that they do not add anything to the tobacco itself and do not add it. Aromatization is achieved not by impregnating tobacco with perfumes, but by means of a special flavored thread in the filter. That is, IQOS heats regular natural tobacco. And the aerosol gets the flavoring notes of berries or menthol when it passes through the filter.

Iqos is a heated cigarette. If we talk about technology, then IQOS heats tobacco, and does not set fire to it.

At first glance, there is a small IQOS tobacco quantity. But in reality, the IQOS tobacco is just very tightly pressed.

By the way, the IQOS really does not need as much tobacco as a cigarette. In a cigarette, tobacco burns, and two-thirds of it simply turns into thermal energy and ashes. IQOS does not waste tobacco and treats it more economically. Everything is converted to taste. That’s why the IQOS tobacco quantity is less.

Initially, the tobacco that goes into sticks is the same as for cigarettes. This is a mixture of three main varieties – Virginia, Burley and Oriental.

Of the dried leaves, the best ones are selected for sticks. By the way, only leaf pulp will go to sticks. All stick-branches will go to the conveyor for cigarettes. Well, you probably guessed it yourself. After drying and sorting, differences begin in the tobacco processing technology itself.

Cigarette tobacco is simply finely chopped. Grind tobacco to a powder. Ground tobacco is moistened with glycerin.