If you are a smoker who wants to continue getting the pleasure of smoking, the hit of nicotine, but without the harmful health related issues associated with tobacco, there is now an alternative to consider.

Electronic cigarettes are a relatively recent invention which offers a similar experience to smoking tobacco cigarettes, but without many of the health issues.

What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette, or e cig, is a small cigarette shaped device that uses a battery to heat a liquid containing nicotine (or not), generating a vapour that can be inhaled. Flavoured liquids are available.

There are advantages and disadvantages of e cigs, but here, let s focus in on the health issues of smoking tobacco vs electronic cigarettes

No distinctive odor / they don t smell

This is one of the firs things that your friends and families will tell you You don t smell anymore or your partner may tell you you don t taste like an ashtray anymore . Tobacco leaves a distinctive smell around, from its smoke, which then permeates clothing, cars, upholstery and stays around for a long time. E cigs don t smell or leave this smell around afterwards.

Saving Money

This one is for the health of your wallet or pocket. Smoking e cigs is a cheaper way to smoke. Once the initial outlay has been made on the starter kit of your choice and the accessories you think you ll need, the actual cartridges are way cheaper than buying packs of 20.

On an on going basis the cost of buying e cigs is about half of that for buying traditional tobacco cigarettes. If you re a regular smoker, smoking say 20 a day, with a pack now costing $8 12 ( 5 8) you could be easily spending $300 ( 200) a month. That means by moving to e cigs, you could be saving in the region of $150 ( 100) a month, or $1800 ( 1200) a year. That s a holiday, or some great weekends away, and as you ll probably be feeling healthier, you ll want to do more of this.


There are many issues surrounding smoking tobacco that we often forget but let s have a quick reminder

  1. Smoking means burning tobacco, using matches and lighters and having an open flame around. Cigarettes are the #1 cause of fire related death in the United States and 7 other countries. Worldwide, fires started by lit cigarettes constitute 10% of all fire related deaths. Add on the fact that burning cigarettes are a fire hazard to furniture and clothing, as well as to your skin, and you ll see that when smoking e cigs, none of this is valid. E cigs have no burning element, no heat and no fire.
  2. There are over 7,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke and over 250 harmful ones including toxins related to cancer. This not affects you as the smoker, but surrounds anyone close to you, your friends, families and children. Passive smoking is a massive health issue related to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes don t create smoke, they heat a liquid, containing a flavouring and nicotine, to create a vapour, which can then be inhaled and have only 4 components, all of which are harmless and found in many food products.
  3. Connected to the passive smoking issues already mentioned, its normal now for smoking to be banned in many public areas in the UK and in many countries around the world. Here again, e cigs win as they are not banned, there is no issue of passive smoking causing any side effects and e cigs are allowed and welcomed in many public spaces.


While we are not allowed to make the claim that e cigs are healthier, you will undoubtedly make your own decisions based on the information presented.

There are now countless articles, reports, and studies that show smoking tobacco has related health issues and put you at a higher risk of a long list of illnesses. Please go and study this issue at length if you are feeling that the claims against tobacco smoking are wrongly placed.

Electronic cigarettes however do not have the vast quantities of harmful chemicals, or the cancer related toxins burning in them. Many customers who have made the move across to smoking e cigs have said that they actually feel healthier smoking them over tobacco cigarettes.

Social Impact

These days it seems that smoking and smokers are viewed negatively and have become Social outcasts. Smokers are forced to stand outside or in segregated areas to enjoy your smoke, away from your friends and families. Tobacco leaves a strong distinctive smell on your clothes, stains your hands, your teeth and makes you taste like an ashtray .

Socially smoking has become restrictive. Private dinner parties are hosted by non smokers asking their guests to be the same. People applying for jobs are now asked if they smoke which may impact or restrict their roles. Dating has become an area where along with the usual questions, there is now always the Do you smoke and Regular, Social or Non tick boxes.

E cigarettes do not carry such a social stigma and are not associated with the same ve social impacts. E Cigs allow you to continue enjoying the smoking experience and offer many benefits over traditional smoking. They allow you to have the nicotine you crave, but under the banner of being responsible n on intrusive.

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E-cigarettes will only gain in popularity according to medical experts

What is the nicotine content of marlboro lights cigarettes

Study on e cigarettes

The American Journal of Health has conducted a study on e cigarettes and found that this form of smoking continues to gain in popularity. It was assumed that this alternative to tobacco cigarettes was little more than a fad when it was introduced to the American marketplace a few years ago.

However, the fact that there is such a debate among smokers when it comes to the best e cigarette suggests that e smoking is becoming more common. The Journal s study showed that over 40% of Americans had heard of e cigarettes. Crucially, the highest level of public awareness came from smokers who are obviously the product s target market.


E cigarettes have various names including nicotine vaporizers. There are now hundreds of companies online, each claiming to sell the best e cigarette and dozens of review sites such as As electronic cigarettes are not marketed as a means of quitting smoking specifically, the Food and Drug Administration don t regulate them as drug delivery devices. Although medical experts state that the health effects of e cigarettes are unknown in the long term, most admit that these cigarettes are infinitely superior to tobacco cigarettes because they contain a fraction of the carcinogens. Although smokers may initially use e cigarettes to bypass public smoking laws, they may find major health benefits almost unwittingly.

Medical Support

Michael Siegel, MD, is a respected medical professional and works at the Boston University School of Public Health. He believes that e cigarettes have a vital role to play in terms of getting people to quit smoking. He stated that taking them off the market would be a complete disaster because smokers would immediately be forced back into traditional cigarette smoking. He pointed out that an e cigarette looks and feels like a regular cigarette, even down to the vapor that is emitted. As a result, he says that e cigarettes are appealing because they cater to those who smoke tobacco cigarettes as a means of getting a nicotine fix and who are also addicted to the act of smoking.

Gilbert Ross, MD, is another respected medical professional who spoke out in favor of e cigarettes. He is one of the directors at the American Council on Science and Health and states that an e cigarette contains nicotine, glycerin and water vapor, all of which are safe ingredients. He is adamant that this combination of products is far safer than the inhalation of combusted tobacco smoke.

These comments were in response to statements from other so called experts who stated that e cigarettes contained a similar level of carcinogens as traditional cigarettes. Since decades of medical research has categorically shown that the level of chemicals in tar and tobacco are the most harmful elements of smoking, these allegations seem to be completely false.

E cigarettes will always have opposition because the tobacco smoking industry is such a lucrative one. Anything that could threaten it will be dealt with ruthlessly. However, e cigarettes are gaining such a foothold that tobacco companies are likely to continue losing customers as the harm caused by their product becomes clear to the public.

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