I drank Budweiser everyday I drank every beer on the list, there all good in their own unique way, and whatever fits your taste. None of them have anything on Heiniken, other than a cheaper price. You can drink Heiniken all day, literally, you can drink massive amounts and you just get that perfect beer high everybody wants. They put so much time and effort into producing it, there the real deal. Now I know the rest of you beer drinkers probably won’t listen to all that, listen to this though, you can continue to drink your beer whatever it may be you can continue to fund your beer company while they pocket millions you can continue to stay stubbourn and stick to what you know, I can tell you I literally tried on a regular basis every beer on this list, there all good beers, and any beer will taste good, it’s beer. It’s like saying there’s no good vodka all vodka is good it’s vodka, and it’s not about the price yeah Heiniken is expensive that sucks, is it worth it? Absolutely, you can drink this at the bar although sometimes the bottles are looking, it tastes good in cans, girls at first don’t drink it cause they grew up on other beer that’s weak, you can drink it all day no hangover. I’ve been drinking beer forever I know when someone likes a brand, look at the mickeys reviews, trust me I used to be that stupid, look at the Budweiser reviews they have been baby fed that beer their whole life literally they know nothing else, I’m not here to pimp up Heiniken, I have no loyalty to it, it’s a beer and compared to every beer on this list it’s the best. I don’t have time to drink other beers that I know aren’t as good, I dare you to find a Heiniken drinker that acts out of control drunk when there drinking you can’t find it, compare that to Budweiser and company the only thing there the king of is hangovers and DUI’s trust me I know from personal experience. I’m not going to waste anymore of your time, cause I know it’s valuable, if you want the best time drinking a beer that gets you high and it made only with quality in mind, drink Heiniken, it’s better than Budweiser and any Bud drinker that’s thinks otherwise there all broke asses every Budweiser drinker you see is broke, cause there wasting all the time drinking Budweiser, I know I been there! You are what you drink, do you want the best or you want to settle for less? Your choice

Jti international tobacco and cigarette brands & products

Ukraine’s ‘lost’ cigarettes flood europe

These eight brands account for over 60% of our cigarette sales.

Each of our Global Flagship Brands has played a significant role in making JTI the fastest growing global company in the tobacco sector. In just over a decade we have achieved 11% market share and become the third largest tobacco company worldwide.


This brand was launched in the United States in 1954 by R.J. Reynolds who named it after its hometown, Winston Salem. Within a year it was the country s best selling filter cigarette. Today it is the number two cigarette in the world, available in over 100 countries.


Camel has a history that stretches back more than 100 years. Launched in 1913, Camel was the first worldwide cigarette trademark. Today, it is JTI s main international premium brand. It is sold in over 100 countries.