Captain Black cigarettes are legendary tobacco products from the USA, and the founder of the brand is British American Tobacco. Since 2011, the ownership of the production of tobacco products under the Captain Black cigarettes brand has been transferred to Scandinavian Tobacco Group A/S. Captain Black cigarettes enjoy great love among smokers due to their highest quality, special production technology and a significant range of flavor variations. For their manufacture, excellent pipe tobacco from Europe, Colombia and Indonesia is used and reconstituted tobacco leaf instead of cigarette paper.

The range of the Captain Black cigarettes brand includes products with both a filter and a mouthpiece that provides a slight cooling of the smoke. The bright advantages of Captain Black cigarettes, in comparison with other brands, are the increased duration of smoking due to the unique design of the product, full saturation after the first cigarillo, elite additives and flavors with all kinds of aromas.

There are two variations of Captain Black cigarettes in the manufacturer’s line (by size and packaging) – standard ones with a length of 103 mm and a thickness of 8 mm, there are 20 of them in a pack, and reduced ones (Mini Tip), in which the length is 100 mm and a thickness of 9 mm, in The pack contains 8 Captain Black cigarettes. The Mini version is characterized by a pronounced aroma of tobacco from eastern countries and thicker smoke, which will especially appeal to hookah lovers.

The taste variations of Captain Black cigarettes are diverse, among them products with the taste of grapes, chocolate, cherries, vanilla, caramel and, of course, classic varieties without flavoring additives are especially popular. Cherry Captain Black cigarettes are the most famous product from the widest assortment of the manufacturer. They have a sweetened filter, which allows you to get a new experience when smoking. Basically, the strength of cigarillos is not higher than average, but there are stronger varieties – Dark Crema and Caribbean Rum Aroma. Excellent quality and refined aromas make tobacco products of this brand very popular in the world.