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Michael Bloomberg, three term mayor of New York City, signed his final final bills into law Monday. Among them was new restrictions on e cigarettes.

The bill lumps e cigarettes into the Smoke Free Air Act, meaning that the devices are banned everywhere smoking is banned.

An electronic cigarette or e cigarette is a battery powered device that simulates tobacco smoking. It uses a heating element to vaporize a liquid solution containing a mixture of nicotine and flavorings. Many e cigarettes are designed to look like cigarettes or cigars, while others are considerably different in appearance.

The risks and benefits of electronic cigarette use are uncertain. The New York City Council recently voted to restrict e cigarettes, but the decision came among a heated debate over whether such a restriction was necessary.

Little is known about how e cigarettes affect the health of those who use them and anyone who might inhale second hand vapor. A recent study suggests that e cigarettes are not emission free and their pollutants could be of health concern for users and secondhand smokers.

Source New York Post

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