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Cartomizers are the main component part of the recent electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are gadgets that have a cylindrical shape in imitation of regular cigarettes. Electrical cigarettes utilize the use of heat or ultrasonics to vaporize a glycerin based or propylene liquid solution in order to turn it into a vapor or mist that is inhaled by the user. There are abundant advantages of smoking electronic cigarettes that particularly make use of cartomizers. One the most important benefit of using electrical cigarettes which have

cartomizers is that you experience improves hygienic conditions and those around you. Regular cigarettes produce smoke which is very harmful to the smoker and the people around him but since electrical cigarettes use the liquid in the cartomizers to produce smokeless vapor, they are harmless to the individuals around a smoker of electronic cigarettes. Thus these electronic cigarettes are safe to smoke even in the house.

Another major benefit of electronic cigarettes that use cartomizers is that they promote cleanliness of the environment. This is because they do not produce any smoke that rises up to the atmosphere and interferes with regular gases vital for survival. On the other hand, regular cigarettes produce harmful smoke which then rises into the atmosphere and gradually damages it. There are other minor benefits on top of these two major ones. For instance, electronic cigarettes that use cartomizers do not produce tar which makes the teeth yellow, thus you remain with cleaner and whiter teeth.

When electronic cigarettes were first made, they had three basic components namely the artomizer, cartridge and battery. A cartridge is a tiny container made of plastic and is typically disposable. It has openings on both of its end with one end attached to the artomizer and the other end serving as a mouthpiece. The cartridge use to have two major functions which are to act as a mouthpiece and to allow the liquid solutions to pass into the artomizer for heating. The later models of the electronic cigarettes began to replace the atomizers with cartomizers. There are a number of reasons why most manufacturers have opted to do this. The major reason was in order to make electronic cigarettes more convenient. With the atomizers, you had to clean them from time to time and this used up a lot of time and energy. The cartomizers on the other hand are made to be disposable. Even so, they can be used several times before you can do away with them.

Another basis manufactures used for replacing atomizers with cartomizers was so that they could avoid liquid leaks. Since the atomizer has to be attached to a cartridge sometimes smokers would experience liquid leaks from the solution because of the space between the cartridge and the atomizer. The manufacturers therefore designed the cartomizers in such a manner that they combine both the cartridge and artomizer into one thing, thus reducing the chances of a leak to the very minimal. Almost all the electronic cigarettes available today use cartomizers because of its numerous advantages.

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