• Electronic Cigarettes look exactly the same and are used in the same manner.
  • Electronic Cigarettes have No Tar, No Ash and No Bad Smell
  • Electronic Cigarettes can be used many public places
  • E cigarettes have rechargeable batteries and are housed with a replaceable cartridge that may or may not contain nicotine, flavorings, and propylene glycol that creates smoke like vapor. Since the device is new there are not too many places to buy e cigs. Normally, electronic cigarettes are purchased online or in select stores. To buy electronic cigarettes online, simply browse The eCiggy website.

    Are there Concerns When Buying Electronic Cigarettes Online

    Even though the electronic cigarette is a healthier option to traditional cigarettes, people will always voice health concerns. Though the product is said to reduce, if not eliminate, health problems that are coupled with smoking, the US Food and Drug Administration will continue to study the product until they feel it’s fully understood.

    • 31% of people who tried an electronic cigarette ended up quitting smoking within six months.

    Despite any negative concerns on using e cigs, thousands of consumers continue to buy electronic cigarettes online because of the benefits they believe are brought by the device. Electronic cigarettes offer an alternative for people who smoke traditional cigarettes and are looking to quit. We always suggest that if our customers have any concerns that they contact a medical professional and inquire about the effects of using electronic cigarettes or any other vapor device for that matter.

    Check out this great article from ISMS on understanding e cigarettes.

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