Marlboro Medium represents the most important new Marlboro brand packing in the past 20 years. Like every other leading product, Marlboro has a commitment to superior advertising, promotion and product quality. Moreover, like every other leading product, Marlboro cigarettes must be prepared to meet changing consumer preferences. So as smokers’ interest in low tar products were keeping on to rise, Marlboro announced a new entry to expand its business. The production of Marlboro Medium or as it is also called Marlboro MX4 was launched to be the Marlboro of choice for many of today’s consumers.

The overall purpose of Marlboro Medium production was to enhance Marlboro’s competitive advantage and reemphasize its core position as the leading flavorful brand among young adult smokers.

Marlboro Medium cigarettes contain 0,6 mg of nicotine and 8 mg of tar so the brand is a bit lighter than its counterpart Marlboro Red. Marlboro MX4 can be a good option for heavy smokers who would like to decrease gradually nicotine and tar content in cigarettes they consume.

There are plenty of websites that sell Marlboro Mediums online. The prices they offer are really attracting. Just before making an order, be sure you found a reliable cigarette online store that sells only original products. Don’t be a victim of scams.

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