I’m not sure if this is the right place for this thread, but here goes….

I’ve been smoking for probably too long now, and am not ready to quit yet, but I do not like paying $6 $7 for a pack of cigarettes, so I tried to find a way to save money, so I could spend it on better things, other than smoking. But I did not want to roll cigarettes by hand with simple rolling papers.

So I discovered another way to go. You can buy what are called “filter tubes”, which are simply empty cigarettes, with no tobacco, with a filter. They come in boxes of 200 250, and sell for around $2 $4 per box.

Then you buy loose tobacco. But here’s the rub……. Obama found out about people rolling their own, and decided to add a huge new tax on loose cigarette tobacco about 1.5 years ago. The new tax is about $23 per pound of tobacco, but it was only like $1.50 before. But the tobacco companies have found a way around that tax. Obama did not add a new tax on pipe tobacco, as the pipe tobacco tax is only like $2.50 per pound. So the companies that previously made loose cigarette tobacco simply started grinding the cigarette tobacco a little more coarsely, and labeled it either “pipe tobacco” or “dual purpose tobacco”, but its still exactly the same cigarette tobacco as before.
You can still get regular, loose cigarette tobacco as well, but its taxed at $23 per pound making it expensive, so its best to buy the dual purpose, or bogus ly labeled pipe tobacco. Just dont make the mistake of buying actual pipe tobacco, which is not made for making cigarettes.

There are many, many brands and blends of this “dual purpose” tobacco. They sell for around $14 $20 per pound, which makes about 400 cigarettes.

Then you need an injector machine, which injects the tobacco into the filter tube. These can be bought in 2 types. The cheaper, smaller plastic ones for $5 $12, or the larger, more permanent types for about $30 $55. They all make only one cigarette at a time, except for one model, which is called the “Premier Supermatic Twin”. It makes 2 cigarettes at a time. It is the model I bought, and it costs $10 $12.

This is how my machine works. All you do is open the top of the injector machine, place some tobacco into the slot inside, insert 2 empty filter tubes, close the top, slide the top of the machine to the right and back, then open the top and remove the finished cigarettes.

I have tried several brands of tobacco and several different filter tubes, and once you decide upon which combination you like, they are easily as good as premium store bought brands, at a small fraction of the price.

I’ve been making my own for about $9.50 $11.50 per carton(200 cigs). Compare that with $54 $60 per carton for store bought brands!

I also smoke menthols, and most companies make menthol tobacco and menthol filter tubes. But if you like a mild menthol flavor like a Newport, you should mix either 1. menthol tobacco with full flavor(non menthol) filter tubes, or 2. full flavor, non menthol tobacco with menthol filter tubes
If you mix both menthol tubes with menthol tobacco, you’ll get a really strong menthol flavor like a Kool…..

Anyway, this is a great way to save lots of cash if you smoke, which can be spent on something more healthy, so this thread is kind of “harm preventing”, if you consider wasting money to be harmful……

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Scotland’s stupidity over plain packaging for cigarettes – telegraph

GreenSmoke is a big outfit, highly professional, and they have some great deals while they try to attract new customers here in the UK. I can’t recommend this company enough, their products are great too. Finally, I should point out that this company has by far the best range of flavours and e liquids. They have a gorgeous coffee flavour and a sweet chocolate flavour as well as many other flavour ideas. A very interesting “smoke” which just leaves you smiling!

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2. SkyCig This is a fantastic brand, with raving customers from all corners of the UK. It claims to be the UK’s “No.1 Most Trusted” brand, and we can’t find any reason to dispute that. This brand makes quality products, they work well, the batteries last a very long time (unlike some others) and the flavour of their vapour is about the best you can get. They also have one of the best introductory deals around. If you Click Here and take a note of this promotion code START50 you can order their fully rechargeable e cigarette (equivalent to 90 cigarettes) with a whopping 50% off!

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3. Whites Whites E Cigarettes have certainly understood the importance of presentation. Both their electronic cigarettes and the packaging, cases and accessories are all made to look frankly beautiful. Some brands do the minimum where presentation is concerned, but Whites know how to appeal to the vanity in people. If you like a pretty stylish looking E Cig, look no further.

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4. Smokers Halo This a newer brand and is growing so fast it is quite incredible. Their website isn’t quite as detailed and well laid out as the bigger brands, but there is no doubt that this e cig company is going places fast. Despite not being quite as easy to navigate as other sites, the Halo is still achieving huge success at bringing in new customers and often poaching them from other brands who they have been loyal to for quite some time.

The main reason for this is the pretty awesome deals they offer new customers, to get them trying their e cigarettes for the lowest possible cost. For example they have the “HALO Mini Kit” a superb little package at a frankly ridiculously low price. They are also getting a lot of new customers due to their brilliant product called the “Halo Super Tank” This is a beast of an electronic cigarette, producing simply massive amounts of “smoke” or vapour, and lasting seemingly forever between charges. If you are looking for a cheaper brand which doesn’t mean lower quality, and may actually be better quality than your current brand, give them a try.

  • Very simple 2 part design avoiding all the hassle of cartomisers
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