Green Smoke is an extremely popular e cig brand.

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Pretty much everyone who has tried Green Smoke calls it a top three e cigarette brand. That’s the consensus, and their reputation for having good customer service is what really stands out.

If you’ve read other pages on this site, or are familiar with reading electric cigarette reviews, you already know the following about these smokeless alternatives

  • Can be smoked everywhere
  • When you are smoking e cig, you don t inhale the harmful carcinogens that are found in regular cigarettes
  • Are a healthier alternate to regular cigarettes
  • They don t make your clothes and mouth taste and smell weird

Of late, Green Smoke has lost market share to brands like V2 Cigs that have introduced even better e cigs but nonetheless, Green Smoke still is an e cig brand to watch out for.

What Makes Green Smoke a Top E Cig brand?

Excellent Quality And Simplistic Design

Green Smoke has their own driver and car on the NASCAR circuit.

Green Smoke offers electronic cigarettes that boast a minimalistic design but state of the art technology and innovative design. In all of Green Smoke s electronic cigarettes, you will find a long lasting battery complimented by a cartomizer (or as some refer to it as flavored cartridge). The cartomizer is responsible for delivering flavor in the e cigs. When the battery heats up, it automatically heats the cartridge that in effect produces smoke (or vapor). The battery and the cartomizer have to be aligned in order for the e cig to function properly. Once it does, all that is required on the users behave is to inhale the cigarette.

Green Smoke e cigs boast FlavorMax cartridges that no other e cigs of different brands boast. The FlavorMax cartridge help in delivering an unmatched e cig experience as the quality and taste is above par and unmatched.


There are several flavors that you can get for your e cigs at Green Smoke but my personal favorite is the menthol flavor. I have always loved minty cigarettes I used to get Marlboro menthol when I smoked regular cigarettes. The menthol flavored Green Smoke cigarettes are better than most of the other menthol flavored electronic cigarettes in the market because the taste and quality is unmatched. Moreover, since GreenSmoke e cigarettes are complimented by FlavorMax cartridges, the taste of the cigarettes will be much long lasted in contrast to other, regular electronic cigarettes.

Starter Kits

There are various kits that let you delve into Planet Green Smoke, including

  • Pro Kit
  • Express Kit
  • Ultimate Kit
  • Love Bird Kit
  • Disposables

Express Kit

Express Kit is available for $59.97 and the most basic kit that you can get your hands on. It is a great buy for those who are new to the e cig smoking experience. The items included in this kit include the following

  • 1 USB home charger kit
  • One e cig battery
  • USB cigarette
  • 5 cartomizers (Red Label Tobacco)
  • Deluxe carrying case
  • User guide and member card

The Pro Kit

The Pro Kit comes after the Express Kit in terms of its offerings. It is best for advanced users who are either changing their e cig brand or picking up electronic smoking after a gap. The price of the kit is $99.97 and the items included are

  • 2 batteries one long and one short
  • 10 cartomizers (tobacco flavored)
  • Adapters
  • USB charger
  • USB cigarette
  • Deluxe carrying case
  • Membership card
  • User guide

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Ultimate Kit

Another one of the kits available at Green Smoke is the Ultimate Kit. The price of the kit is $129.97 and it contains every item that is needed to gain a great smoking experience. Aside from the basic items, this kit offers add on accessories which will help in redefining your electronic cigarette smoking experience. The items included in the Ultimate Kit are

  • 1 long battery
  • 1 short battery
  • 10 cartomizers available in different flavors
  • Additional battery to help you smoke continuously without the hassle of recharging your battery
  • 1 USB cigarette
  • 2 USB chargers
  • High powered home adapters
  • Car adapters
  • User guide
  • Membership card

Love Birds Kit

GreenSmoke also offers what it called the Love Birds kit. The kit is available for a price tag of $169.97 and is for couples who are trying to quit smoking and start smoking electronically. This kit includes 2 of every item. The offerings of this kit include

  • 5 absolute tobacco cartomizers
  • 2 short batteries
  • 2 long batteries
  • 5 red label tobacco cartomizers
  • 5 gold cartomizers
  • 5 additional cartomizers that you can get in the flavor of your selection
  • 2 USB cigarettes
  • 2 USB chargers
  • 2 car adapters
  • 2 wall adapters
  • 2 carrying cases

However, there are no restrictions on who can buy this kit and who cannot. If you are not a couple you can still get this kit.

Essentials Kit

GreenSmoke is one of the very few electronic cigarettes brands that offers a kit that is called the Essentials Kit. The price of the kit is $29.99. The kit offers basic items that are needed to get you started on smoking electronically. The items included are

  • 1 rechargeable electronic cigarette battery
  • 1 USB charger
  • 2 FlavorMax cartridges

The Essentials Kit makes a great choice for those who only want to try out what electronic smoking. A lot of people tend to buy this kit before getting a professional kit.


You can also grab a 6 cig disposables pack at GreenSmoke. The disposables pack is available for $59.97 and is for one time use. Once you have used the cigarette, you are supposed to dispose it off. It comes without any charging hassles or any other hassles that might arise in battery operated electronic cigarettes. The disposables pack is often bought by those who travel a lot and don t want to carry big kits with them all the time.


Don’t choose an e cig without considering Green Smoke. While many people have found cheaper options, this company has NEVER had an inventory issue, has NEVER let us down in Customer Service, and has NEVER put out a subpar product. While many people who gossip about e cigs will say that other brands are better, there is no ignoring this industry giant’s dedication to customer service, marketing, and quality products.

(Besides, they were the first e cig brand to advertise in NASCAR.)

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Victory electronic cigarettes and fin branding group sign definitive merger agreement to create one of the world’s largest independent ecig companies | electronic cigarettes & e-cig products from fin e-cigarettes

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Posted on February 21, 2014 by Robert Ramsay

Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corporation (otcqb ECIG), and FIN Branding Group announced today an agreement to merge their two companies and create one of the leading electronic cigarettes companies in the world. The companies have signed a definitive agreement and expect to close the transaction in the coming weeks. The new company leverages the iconic FIN brand and sales and marketing depth of the FIN organization, with the supply chain capabilities, international breadth, and financial strength of Victory. Within the past 30 days Victory completed the acquisition of VAPESTICK(R), one of Europe’s leading electronic cigarette brands and a partnership with Fields Texas Ltd. to drive global distribution and strategic retail expansion. The addition of FIN brings instant acceleration of scale and distribution in the US, significantly upgrades the global leadership team, and furthers the Company’s efforts to consolidate the electronic cigarette industry globally.

The Fin Branding Group

FIN is one of the leading electronic cigarette brands in the United States with distribution in all 50 states in more than 50,000 outlets. FIN is distributed across all major channels and is one of the top three brands in the convenience, drug, mass, and food channels. The FIN brand enjoys the number one market share position in Wal Mart, and is a leading brand in other major retailers including Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kroger, 7 11, Circle K, Sam’s, Murphy USA, Stripes, Mapco and over 200 other major chains.

Brent Willis, Chairman and CEO of Victory, and a former senior executive at InBev, Kraft, and the Coca Cola Company commented, “FIN is a powerhouse in the US with a great brand, great presence and great growth trends. Their strength in sales and marketing is unmatched, and their management team is impressive. Elliot Maisel, FIN’s Chairman and CEO, is hugely respected and has a tremendous track record of success both in the beer industry and in leading FIN to become one of the preeminent ecig companies in the US. He is going to be a great partner as we combine efforts together with Bill Fields, Michael Clapper and others to build the world’s largest independent electronic cigarette company.”

Building the Largest Independent ECIG Company

The newly formed entity creates an enterprise with 2014 sales on track to far surpass $100 million. With the integration of the FIN Branding Group, Victory has now completed three major transactions in recent months and expects to complete multiple others to grow its brand, distribution, and strategic retailer platforms worldwide. The group is focused on leveraging its low cost position, supply chain and distribution expertise, and experience in running global multinationals to build the leading independent electronic cigarette company in the world.

Bill Fields, Chairman of Fields Texas, Board Member at Victory, and former CEO of Wal Mart Stores commented, “We are delighted to have someone of Elliot’s character and caliber join the team and are confident that the FIN brand will be an iconic American brand that we can leverage into much broader distribution. Together with the Victory Brand at an opening price point and other exclusive brands, we believe we have a compelling offer for both retailers and distributors alike with superior margins and throughput versus any industry competitor.”

Significant Cost and revenue Synergies

The combination of Victory and FIN provides the group greater strength to compete in the rapidly evolving and competitive ecig category. To enhance its competitiveness, the new entity has established a convergence committee to identify and capture major cost and revenue synergies in the areas of people and culture, cost efficiency, and sales, distribution and marketing. Each of the convergence areas have dedicated work teams to identify and capture significant synergies. Thus far, the team has identified more than $5 million of revenue synergies resulting from expanding distribution of both brands and employing a dual brand strategy. In cost synergies, more than $10 million of savings have been identified in the areas of production, supply chain and marketing spend effectiveness, all of which are expected to be achieved within 12 months of closing.

Elliot Maisel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of FIN, commented, “The combination of the FIN and Victory brands provides an incredible one two punch for distributors, retailers and consumers, and an opportunity to further increase shareholder value by capturing significant cost and revenue synergies. The combination of the FIN and Victory organizations, coupled with the leadership of Field’s Texas and VAPESTICK in Europe, creates a company with greater potential and growth opportunity than any other competitor in the industry. I am very excited to help lead the organization to become the largest independent electronic cigarette company in the world, and am excited for all our shareholders and the associates at FIN and Victory to share in the benefits of our growth.”

The Same Great FIN Experience on an All New FIN Website Posted in Press Releases