First off QUIT SMOKING YOUNGSTER. 20 years from now you will thank me. So will your lungs and blood pressure. You are still in your formative years. I know you aren’t dumb enough to slowly kill yourself.

They were called Marlboro 25’s when I purchased them.

King size refers to the size of the cigarette or umm uhjhhh I know this hmmmmm 88 er no 85mm long. They sell marlboro 72’s which are… You guessed it 72mm long. THere are Marlboro 100’s which are 100mm.

I’ve not seen just a pack of Marlboro. This is with about 30 years of smoking under my belt unfortunately. Marlboro reds are full flavor and would be a standard pack of Marlboros.

Packaging is really a moot point though. What you need to be concerned about are the names of the 183 chemical, additives and preservatives the tobacco companies are putting in your tobacco during planting, during growth and after harvesting.

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New tobacco directive could lead to a ban on refillable e-cigarettes in the european union

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