As a smoker, you may be asking yourself why you periodically decide to experiment and start smoking menthol cigarettes. The question seems to be simple, but it is very deep. The thing is that not all smokers want only strong cigarettes, they need freshness and freedom, and in general, something new, not similar. And then periodicity turns into constancy, i.e. such cigarettes are needed for daily use.

Salem cigarettes are just those cigarettes that will literally make you move to a new stage: find the charm in menthol cigarettes. The specialty of these cigarettes is the addition of menthol to the tobacco. At one time it was an innovative approach. The smoker is always concerned about the pleasure of the process itself and he receives it.

And this brand did not disappear against the background of other menthol cigarettes on the market. The reason is clear – it was the founder of this niche, and it has remained such a founder. The flavor will always be special.

At the moment they are considered to be high quality menthol cigarettes of medium price segment, targeting both men and women. They cannot be called very light, but the composition of nicotine and tar does not make them super heavy. As a result, tobacco growers advise this brand to be tried by beginners and experienced smokers with a long experience.

What are Salem cigarettes?

In our modern age it is impossible to surprise anyone with menthol cigarettes. Nevertheless, the situation was different practically until 1956. Then the world could not assume that it was possible to combine tobacco with menthol. But one brand of cigarettes managed to change all the knowledge about smoking – this brand was Salem cigarettes. They became a kind of pioneers of this niche. The brand, first of all, was sold only in the homeland, but the growth of popularity spread it all over the world. And after a year, the brand was in great demand. Huge excitement, mass orders, rapid sales volumes, a lot of competitors – all this is part of Salem’s activity, its history and triumph. The blue-green colors of the pack became an identifying sign for all smokers.