For many years, Philip Morris has been engaged in the production of tobacco products, which is highly respected among consumers. Although the factory produces tobacco for other brands, Parliament Cigarettes are rightfully considered one of the best ones. That is why they are mainly consumed by middle-class or upper-class people, rich people. In addition, they are bought by those who want to appear richer.

Tobacco products in Australia of this brand are created of elite tobacco, which gives them a pleasant taste. High quality gives a relaxing effect, which will be appreciated by all successful people. A huge range allows you to choose suitable for everyone. Each variety has individual properties that will awake an echo in heart of even most demanding consumer.
Elite products are the first, where there is a special filter that allows you to reduce the intake of harmful substances into the body. A special filter mouthpiece prevents yellowing of the teeth and makes smoking an enjoyable relaxing process.
Trademarks vary in length, fineness and strength.

This type of tobacco products is very popular among men and women at the same time. This variety is the least harmful, it is weak enough to harm the health, but is strong enough to satisfy the need for nicotine. Each pack contains 20 cigarettes. In each cigarette we find 0.4 mg of nicotine and 5 mg of resin. The composition of cigarettes allows you to enjoy exquisite taste without significant harm to health.

This variety is the weakest, so it is bought more often by women than by men. The description suggests that the absence of a tart taste makes this variety the most unpopular among men. Each package contains 20 cigarettes. Composition: 0.1 mg of nicotine and 1 mg of resin. Suitable for those who gradually quit smoking.

Of all species, this one is the strongest. Suitable for heavy smokers for who less than 1 cigarette is not enough at a time. Because of the high content of nicotine they can satisfy the smoker’s need for a double portion of nicotine with only 1 cigarette. Since they are the strongest of all varieties, 1 cigarette contains 0.6 mg of nicotine and 8 mg of resin. For sale in 20 pieces in standard packaging. Rarely bought by women, the main consumers are men.