IQOS HEETS Yellow Selection sticks impress with their spicy herbal note. They are less full-bodied than other types of tobacco, but have a particularly balanced taste. The IQOS HEETS Yellow Selection has a fine and spicy note with a sophisticated and balanced tobacco taste.

When the tobacco is heated, the typical HEETS nicotine-containing aerosol unfolds. Inhalation takes place, similar to a classic cigarette, through the filter of the tobacco stick. One tobacco stick is enough for 14 puffs or 6 minutes.

There is a yellow line on the IQOS HEETS Yellow tobacco sticks for better orientation for inserting the IQOS cigarette into the holder. It shows exactly how deep the IQOS HEETS Yellow tobacco stick is to be placed in the holder. After approx. 14 puffs within 6 minutes, the LED light in the IQOS cigarette changes from green to orange-red. In the next 30 seconds there are still 2 more puffs until the IQOS cigarette switches off automatically.

What has been updated in IQOS devices? The charging speed of the IQOS holder has increased by 20%, the recharge time is 90 minutes for vaping 20 sticks. Generates a vibration message when ready to use, 20 seconds after turning on, after you will have time for about 14 puffs or approximately 5 minutes, after which you will feel an additional vibration to remind you that there are 2 puffs or 30 seconds of vaping left. The IQOS 2.4 tobacco heater for IQOS HEETS Yellow Label can be connected via bluetooth to the application on the smartphone. There is no longer a dedicated button for deliberately cleaning the ceramic coated blade: now the device knows when to clean itself. Now, instead of the optimized button, the Bluetooth button is in the same place.

IQOS HEETS Yellow Label is the result of a century of research on the potential for reducing the risk of smoking and the development of alternatives to cigarettes, conducted by more than 430 researchers and scientists, as well as experts in Switzerland from the manufacturer. More than 2.9 million shoppers around the globe have already switched to the wonder device. Specially engineered tobacco sticks known as HEETS ™ are used by a holder that applies special technology to a heating element using materials such as gold, platinum and processed ceramics. Specialized electronics strictly control the temperature to ensure safety.