Kent cigarettesDue to the huge American company, which dominates in the United States over all others, and delivers its product to all the continents, the problem of bad tobacco disappears.

The British American Tobacco is in the front position in the tobacco industry and is almost all over the world, they produce quite a lot of tobacco products, but one of their best brands is the KENT cigarettes. At the first time, the world saw these cigarettes in 1957, and this product managed to conquer the hearts of a great number of cigarette consumers.

The tobacco for such cigarettes is selected only from the best sorts. Because of this, the price of this brand can sometimes be to some extent over the moderate level, but for true connoisseurs of tobacco, the money is not so much important.

This brand is considered as a pioneer in the market of tobacco products, it’s all due to the fact that the KENT cigarettes were one of the first cigarette brands, which were equipped with filters. They were also differed with a soft pack while such packaging was an innovation.

Now, the cigarette filter is made of charcoal, which changes the taste of cigarettes. Since then and up to our time, the KENT brand was and is released in more than a dozen of its varieties. The variations include conventional cigarettes and the cigarettes with the mint capsule filters.

These American cigarettes will not disregard even those who prefer to smoke for the first time. For these people, the Kent HD Infinia variation was created (it has only 1 mg of tar and 0.1 mg nicotine). For fans, the producer can offer the stronger Kent Kings cigarettes (8 mg tar, 0,8mg nicotine).

Just as the best option, the KENT Golden cigarettes were released quite recently. The KENT cigarettes mean a really high quality. They can be easily called as fragrant, even non-smokers like the soft scent of these luxurious cigarettes.

But their taste is, in general, the highest level since many, many years.

This is a unique symbol of the human being, a good physical condition. Besides, we can always brag good cigarettes to our friends, which they are just unable to give up.

Almost all American cigarettes are in high demand, but the KENTs won the hearts of millions. So try them now and you will suddenly find out that these are the cigarettes that are so necessary for you! Buy the KENT cigarettes in our online store at quite low prices. Besides, it will save you much time and energy on a hike to the store.