Since its inception by JR Reynolds in 1913, the Camel cigarettes have become almost the most popular brand in the markets of America and other countries. A fairly large amount of nicotine, combined with a mild taste, makes it possible to remain a truly classic product.

Camel cigarettes have a rich but light taste and these are qualities from other tobacco products. Tasting the smoke of not quite unique, but rather high-quality Camel cigarettes, you will never have bitterness in your mouth. Camel Blue – have a mild and satisfying taste that is ideal even for experienced smokers who do not notice how many cigarettes they smoke and it will not cause discomfort. Since Camel cigarettes, due to the density of tobacco, smolder for a long time and have a mild taste and are an excellent choice for smokers who prefer light tobaccos.

Camel cigarettes are the only brand in the world that has used the symbol of an animal (Joe – the camel) for its product. Consumers were shocked by the non-standard solution of the advertising agency NWAyer, who promoted this project. You can buy original Blue Camel сcigarettes in our online store, and our website would be an easier option. That is why we have created this site, where any smoker can order original products from the manufacturer, while he or she does not even need to leave his home.

Advertising agents made a creative and intriguing product announcement. In the three days leading up to the release of the Camel, the obscure slogan “the camels are coming” was published in all American newspapers. The next day, a new announcement appeared in the new issue of the newspapers, fueling public interest twice as much – “tomorrow there will be more camels here than in Africa.” On the day of the release of cigarettes in the newspapers, you could read a new statement – “the camels are already here.”

The advertising policy of the company was so successful that it provided entire crowds of buyers. The brand has become popular. The portrait of Old Joe adorned the debut packs of popular cigarettes. In the 1920s, the company produced a commercial in which the fair sex appeared. However, they do not interact with the promotional product; their role is to admire men smoking Camel. The image created by the company made it possible to attribute Camel cigarettes to the elite category.