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The brand name is shown in blue. The technology incorporated in the variety can only be discovered by opening the packet, and it is a technology that “reduces the smell of tobacco”. Recessed Plus odor-reducing acetate mouthpiece filter.

What are Bond cigarettes?

The design of Bond cigarettes is very elegant and eye-catching. The brand name is placed on the filter’s “cork” paper and is suitably “camouflaged”. The crest, cigarette brand and separate band are “silvered” for some reason. Traditional king-size cigarettes with regular, slightly softer acetate filters. Each pack contains 20 compact Bond cigarettes. Cigarette design is slightly different, but still attractive. The filters are white, with the “wave” decoration shown on the pack design. In addition to the brand name, the filter also bears the technical name LSS. Separate bands are made in the form of double “waves” in silver-gray.