IQOS is a product of Philip Morris International (PMI), one of the world’s leading tobacco companies.

Philip Morris International developed the revolutionary IQOS technology together with the best scientists in the world. IQOS has over 10 years of development time and an investment of over 3 billion euros. More than 5 million smokers have already switched to IQOS. The IQOS Canada movement involves novices every day.

Philip Morris announced in early 2018 that he would no longer sell classic cigarettes in the foreseeable future. For many cigarette smokers, this raises the question of how to proceed afterwards. The tobacco company provides the solution: IQOS and the HEETS sticks. For many, it will therefore only be a matter of time before they deal with IQOS as an alternative. As a result, the IQOS Canada movement is on the rise.

IQOS should not be confused with an e-cigarette, because instead of a nicotine liquid (the liquid), IQOS uses real tobacco. The small mini cigarettes – called HEETS – are inserted into the IQOS system and then heated to around 300 degrees. In contrast to conventional cigarettes, in which the tobacco is burned at over 800 degrees, IQOS does not burn. This will only release flavored steam, not smoke or tar. As a result, there are no large warning images on the packs of HEETS Amber, HEETS Yellow and HEETS Bronze. And as a result, the IQOS Canada movement is on the rise.

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