Esse cigarettes are designed for buyers who only get acquainted with tobacco products or prefer a classic smoking mixture of soft tobacco varieties. The brand belongs to the company KT & G, which is one of the five largest tobacco manufacturers in Asia. In Russia, Esse appeared relatively recently – in 2003, but in just a few years the brand managed to gain a foothold in the market and form a pool of loyal audience, which the Korean manufacturer’s experiments were to taste!

What can be better than the Eastern quality? Everything what is related to the East is considered to be the most hoisted cigarette quality. Likewise, this is not a myth, it is reality. Examine each of the interests that are covered by this heading. The Eastern judiciousness empowers people to make idealize masterpieces in the entire life. A visual confirmation of the above-said words is the astounding Eastern tobacco, which is named as Esse cigarettes.

Esse cigarettes are famous for their taste and inimitable aromas: for years of its existence the brand has repeatedly launched into the series cigarettes with the aroma of natural coffee, green apple, menthol, strawberry and even bamboo wood. The Korean manufacturer carefully monitors the quality of raw materials, so only elite varieties of light light tobacco with semi-natural aromatic impurities fall into the bag. Original blends of Korean cigarettes are especially popular with girls and women, as shown by sales statistics, but the manufacturer also took care of the male half, offering classic cigarettes with strong tobacco along with extravagant tastes.

Interestingly, on the Esse cigarette package, the amount of nicotine contained in the smoking mixture is indicated to one hundredth, which indicates the scrupulousness of the manufacturer. Learn how Korean tobacco products can be packaged into light pack of oblong form, on the front side of which the colored smoke is depicted. Inside the pack, there is a foil with branded seal. Cigarettes are smoked easily, do not cut their edges, and a rapidly dispersing smoke is formed.

Choose only Esse high quality cigarettes if you want to add some purity and some quality in your smoking life when you wish:

·         To lucid mind disorders and difficulties away;

·         To begin a new life start;

·         To clear all the obstacles from your life path.

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