For a very long time Marlboro Virginia Blends were my brand of choice. After having been turned on to them by my then room mate, Ben, I went to the gas station he procured them from and bought their stock out. For the next three months the only cigarette I would touch was Marlboro Virginia Blend. When the only retailer I knew of stopped selling these wondrous cigarettes I fell into a slump and began smoking those wretched Pall Mall and L&M Reds. But when the gas station I originally bought out began selling them again I was overwhelmed with joy. Having bought a pack I smoked one as soon as I was out the door. But the taste had changed no longer did they have the thick, airy semi sweetness that once marked these as Virginia Blends, and no longer did they have the slow mellow taste that I had come to know and love. They were harsh, fast burning pieces of trash. Something changed with Virginia Blends perhaps it was the shelf life, perhaps it was the manufacturing techniques. Before this I was glad to pay the high price for them, but after getting through half of the pack I bought I had to give them away. Overall, from past and current experience, I would give these a 3 out of 5. Now if I had rated these three months ago I would have given them a 6, and had I rated this from my most recent experience I would give them a one. But, overall, they deserve a 3.

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New eco-friendly cigarettes kill destructive human beings over time

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RICHMOND, VA Executives at Philip Morris USA this week unveiled Marlboro Earth, a new eco friendly cigarette that gradually eliminates the causes of global warming and environmental destruction at their source.

“By killing off the No. 1 threat to the environment, new Marlboro Earths will have a long term effect on the overall health of our planet,” Philip Morris spokesperson Janet Weiss said. “If everyone in America does their part and joins our new green smoking movement, then together we can eradicate man’s destructive practices once and for all.”

According to a press release from Philip Morris, the new environmentally friendly cigarettes work by employing powerful carcinogens that accumulate in the lungs of smokers, slowly breaking down their vital organs and eliminating the danger posed to the overpopulated planet by the human race.

Because Marlboro Earths take decades to work, the company stresses that people should start using them as early as possible, ideally during childhood or adolescence, in order to maximize the product’s effectiveness.

“We’ve got to get everybody on board, the sooner the better,” said Weiss, stressing that nothing less than the fate of the planet was at stake. “It doesn’t take much. As few as two packs of Marlboro Earths a day can make all the difference in the world.”

“Go ahead,” Weiss continued. “Light up, breathe in, and help save Mother Earth.”

An environmentally conscious smoker does his part to make a difference about once every 20 minutes or so.

Although industry research indicates people do offer some secondary benefits to the planet, such as recycling programs and wind power generators, studies have concluded these efforts fail to offset the disastrous potential of humanity.

According to Philip Morris, Marlboro Earths are the first green product to address that threat head on.

“Wildlife habitat encroachment, climate change, the exploitation of precious natural resources they can all become a thing of the past,” said James Freedman, a member of the marketing team tasked with branding the new product. “Smoke these cool, clean Marlboro Earths every chance you get, and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint to zero in no time.”

Added Freedman, “Plus, you’ll look really sophisticated and glamorous while doing it.”

The new cigarettes, released in limited test market cities over the past two months, will be ready for a national rollout in mid June. An ad campaign with the slogan “Marlboro Earth Saving the Environment One Customer at a Time” has already been launched, and the product’s iconic new packaging, which is similar to the traditional Marlboro design but also features a tree, is reportedly testing “through the roof” with consumers.

In initial product trials, the eco cigarettes have proven popular among smokers.

“I leave work three to five times a day to stand outside and help the environment,” said longtime smoker Sam Davies, an office worker in Raleigh, NC. “And the best thing about them is they make saving the planet incredibly addictive. After only a few hours, I get the uncontrollable urge to go out and help the environment some more.”

Philip Morris executives stressed that the new cigarettes, which contain the same great taste smokers have come to expect from Marlboro, but with nearly three times the tar and carbon monoxide, could make a huge difference in as little as 40 to 50 years, cutting down on urban sprawl, overpopulation, and eventually helping to enrich the soil with powerful fertilizers.