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The Monte Carlo cigarettes are manufactured by Japan Tobacco International and are one of the legendary brands of the third largest tobacco company in the world.
Everyone knows that all Japanese goods are of high quality and the Monte Carlo cigarette brand is no exception.

The cheap cigarettes brand was named after one of the world’s most expensive glorious cities.
And although Monte Carlo is a mid-range brand, it has all the characteristics of a quality tobacco product. This cigarette brand is made from special types of finely cut Virginia and Burley tobaccos. This is a special American tobacco blend that creates an excellent and perfect flavor.
These enjoy heavenly fun, which can appreciate very high quality and high quality flavorings and filter systems. A real cigarette will feel like being on top of the mountain enjoying a Monte Carlo cigarette.

Although the Monte Carlo carries a variety of styles that differ by their strength, nicotine content and size. Japan Tobacco International is seeking to develop and promote newer styles and has recently released the Monte Carlo Blue 100s – a true American style of 100mm long cigarette.
It was a boom in the tobacco industry because the needs of adult smokers could come true as never before. This version is for those who are looking for a longer king size instead of the tiny slim cigarettes.