The first cigarettes appeared at the end of the XIX century, when technical progress reached a fairly high level. The main reason for the creation of this product was the change in the rhythm of people’s lives. In the new situation, avid smokers could no longer spend as much time as it usually took to smoke a classic cigar. It was necessary to urgently look for a way out of this situation. cigarettes became a kind of compromise for those who wanted to preserve the quality of tobacco, but did not want to switch to modern cigarettes. This novelty successfully solved the problem.

Among such famous products, Backwoods cigarettes deserve special attention. To understand how good this product is, you need to learn more about it. The first production of Backwoods cigarettes began in the Dominican Republic. This small country, located on the Caribbean island of Haiti, became the birthplace of a new product.

The company’s motto is “wild and soft”. This symbolizes the combination of a rather rough appearance and a delicate taste. Backwoods cigarettes are similar to Indian tobacco. At the same time, it is surprisingly mild, complemented by a variety of pleasant flavors. This unique characteristic has made Backwoods cigarettes so popular.

In order to maximally satisfy the various wishes and preferences of users, the company’s management attaches great importance to the variety of products. Backwoods cigarettes are offered for sale in: packs of 25 pieces. In addition, each product is packaged in a sealed transparent tube. The overall dimensions are 13 x 114 mm and the product can be smoked continuously for 30 minutes. Retailers can sell this product in bulk. In soft packs of five pieces.

What are Backwoods cigarettes?

Unlike other cigarettes, the Backwoods cigarettes consist entirely of tobacco. In addition, there is no replaceable filter in this form. The exterior of the cigarette is usually covered with natural tobacco leaves. In terms of appearance, it resembles a traditional cigar. The only difference is that instead of leaves, it contains tobacco shavings. This combination significantly shortens the lighting process while maintaining the natural flavor of the product. As a rule, Backwoods cigarettes are made from hard tobacco. They are aged for at least one year in special conditions before going into production. This significantly improves the organic properties and flavor qualities of the finished product.