vogue cigarettesWhen people talk about women’s cigarette, their consciousness unwittingly draws Vogue cigarettes’ packaging. For more than eighty years, the American cigarette brand content with the title of the most popular and sought-after women’s cigarettes in the world.

Interestingly, since their appearance in the market Vogue cigarettes were positioned as tobacco products for the fair sex.

History of Vogue cigarettes dates back to 1932, in the United States. Despite the fact that the brand started its promotion in the market in difficult years for the US economy, it immediately gained popularity among the target audience.

The cigarettes company’s secret to success was laid at the production stage: unlike the classic men’s cigarettes, having a pronounced aroma of tobacco, thick smoke and high-tar, Vogue cigarettes for women have a mild taste and pleasant aroma.

Manufacturer deliberately changed the proportions of “American blend tobacco” in favor of varieties of tobacco Oriental, which imparts the necessary lightness of cigarettes.

Vogue cigarettes are easy to distinguish from any other men’s brands. They are wrapped in a pack made of thin cardboard, of oblong shape. Thus, femininity is manifested not only in the taste qualities, but also in the design of the cigarette package.

Original subtle coloring, elegant package, long thin cigarettes – today Vogue cigarettes brand can easily be considered as a fashion accessory, a stylish addition to female image.

Design, that is ahead of time, high-quality tobacco with special mild flavor, unobtrusive slightly sweet aroma and a light pleasant smoke made female cigarettes recognizable not only in US but also far beyond its borders.

With the advent of new varieties such as menthol Vogue Superslims Menthol and Vogue Superslims the company began selling them in Europe, especially in Germany, especially succeeded there where the brand was settled in 1987. In the USSR, the first package of the brand appeared in 1989, and suddenly became the most popular brand among women.

Today, Vogue cigarettes still represent the standard of female cigarettes.

Vogue cigarettes are different from other brands of cigarettes due to their outlook and unique, recognizable taste. These fashionable traits attract attention with its soft not eye-catching outlook.

High-quality supplements contained in tobacco will help you relax after a hard day.
Vogue cigarettes are what you were always looking for!