Drum cigarettes are a natural product for connoisseurs, created in the old Dutch tradition. The production of Drum cigarettes was initially carried out by the Douwe Egberts corporation, and after a while the brand was bought by the transnational tobacco giant Imperial Tobacco. In their country, the products of this brand are the second most popular. The Dutch initially preferred hand-rolled cigarettes to ready-made cigarettes, since the product could be made to your liking with a little less or more filling. And the benefit from buying mixtures by weight was obvious. More than half of local aficionados smoked hand-rolled cigarettes, and only in 2010 the number of regular buyers of cut sheets dropped from 53% to 42%.

The base of Drum cigarettes consists of carefully calibrated proportions of Virginia and Burleigh raw materials. The line of varieties of the brand includes mixtures with the addition of oriental variations that add a piquant touch to the taste. The tobacco leaves are cut very thinly to provide light cravings for smoking and to make the process as pleasant as possible. The blend has an above average strength and is recommended primarily for experienced aficionados, who are able to appreciate the rich taste of the product. Drum cigarettes are packaged in pouches, which are made of moisture-proof material, preserving the original quality of the mixture.

And now the fun begins. Please read carefully, presenting the sensations. Before smoking Drum cigarettes, it is recommended to let the tobacco “breathe”, as it should be for wine or noble whiskey. The ambient air should pick up a little moisture, and oxygen should awaken the tobacco from “dormancy” and help it open up.

The Drum Cigarettes Tobacco is a premium product from the Imperial Tobacco Group. The Drum Cigarettes Tobacco is one of the most popular cigarette tobaccos in the world and especially in Europe. It earned its popularity due to its rich aroma and mild taste. It received its first recognition as soon as he appeared in 1952 in Holland. For the production of Drum tobacco, there are usedpremium quality raw materials.