Silk Cut Purple

Low nicotine cigarettes, Silk Cut Purple provides easy smoke with a mild taste. Cigarettes Silk Cut Purple contain only 0.3 mg of nicotine and 3 mg of tar. A special form of filter cigarettes Silk Cut Purple gives a flow of oxygen while breathing, making cigarette smoking more enjoyable and tasty.

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Smoke with lively aromas of Silk Cut Silver cigarettes differ from most other brands of cigarettes, Silk Cut Silver gives a wonderful smoke with full flavor. Silk Cut Silver cigarettes contain small nicotine and tar. Smoke and get pleasure from the aroma of cigarette smoke Silk Cut Silver.

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Positively perfect cigarettes for those who love the experience will smoke light cut family, Silk Cut Purple 100’s ultimate variety famous for silk and tastes with flavor as there is no pats. With a mellow atmosphere do not leave behind harsh hit in silky comfortable smoking experience throat Silk Cut Purple 100’s delivery.

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As you are purchasing your cheap online cigarettes online from a Southern African State and your cheap cigarettes are being shipped from a Southern African online cigarette store there is no requirement or obligation to report your cheap online cigarette purchase to any organization. All transactions for online cheap cigarettes from our online cigarette store are kept confidential and not disclosed.

To maximize airmail postage ( 400gm ) we sell our cheap cigarettes only in 10 packet units ( 200 cigarettes ) from Euro 34 including airmail postage to your door.

(The price is in Euros, billing in ZAR South African Rand)

We repeat The cost per consignment unit is from Euro 34 ( 10 packets 200 cigarettes ) Euro 3.40 per packet of twenty. Includes airmail postage.

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