cigarettesThe life of smoking girls is different from the ordinary smoker’s life. Experienced smokers will tell you about how the day of smoking lovers passes.

It should immediately be told that smoking experience is unique for every woman – from beginners to experienced and very experienced smokers, two identical smokers do not exist! At each stage of the life, smokers get experience, evolve.

So are millions of smoking girls and women around the world. Each cigarette may be a precious gift for you and bring a complete satisfaction. Skillful, proper smoking will make your life so pleasant that little can compare with this. Naturally, at the beginning of smoking there are many questions about how to smoke properly, so that the process really is fun, so below we summarize all the knowledge about smoking, that you have at this point, and give specific advice on how to make a cigarette of your really pleasant companion.

If you are a smoking beginner, when you wake up, you may not want to smoke more. This is normal. But when you meet a new day, you can think about Cheap cigarettes and the very first of them. So you have to prepare yourself to smoking, awaken the urge to drag her first cigarette of the day.

When having the first cigarette of the morning, it is necessary only to ensure that you enjoy it. Taking a cigarette and putting it in the corner of your lips, try to make the first double-tightness and a deep breath. For a moment, hold the smoke in the lungs, as long as you put your cigarette lighter, and then exhale slowly. Finding his rhythm, you will inhale and exhale for a few moments, a few times. Once you have calmed down, and the cigarette will start to do their job, you can start thinking about other things that need to be done that day.

But when you puff, concentrate on it and count to three. When you make the tightness, feel it in your lungs. During exhalation look like what has just been inside you, breaks out. Over time, you will need to shake off the ashes. Be careful if you have already put makeup, so as not to stain the fingers imprinted on the filter lipstick.

Until the end enjoy smoking, finish smoking your cigarette, inhale the last smoke a little deeper, and take the best of the process. However, be careful here: remember that the cigarette may be too hot and could burn your fingers or lips. Yet the last puff, deeper than the others, will give you a good impulse to hold out until the next cigarette. Quickly extinguish a cigarette in an ashtray while you breathe out the remnants of the smoke, which just so beautiful to enjoy.