Monte Carlo cigarettes have a pleasant original taste without bitterness. This is the choice of many smokers: low price and quality determine the brand. Tobacco products are medium: nicotine content is 0.5 mg, and tar is 7 mg. The optimal strength is in demand among smokers, so Monte Carlo cigarettes are an excellent choice for both sale and personal consumption.

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What are Monte Carlo cigarettes?

Monte Carlo cigarettes are produced in several sizes. Women’s types of lengthy cigarettes (100 mm) – awesome slim – are available for purchase. They’re outstanding by a slight taste of tobacco with a minimal nicotine content, a pleasant aroma, in addition to a fashionable layout of programs. Merchandise of king length format (eighty five mm) have extra strength. Such merchandise is historically considered male because of the extended nicotine content material – up to 0.7 mg. The assortment variety permits you to shop for packages with one of a kind content of cigarettes in a p.C., designed for 10, 20 and 24 pieces. Additionally, connoisseurs of tobacco can independently decide the strength of the product.