Although the most Koreans smoke and buy cigarettes online, the Korean smoking is rather habitual.

Until recent time, smoking of men was an unshakable tradition, but a cigarette in the hands of a woman caused (and, in general, still causes) considerable condemnation. Even today, only 8% of Korean women smoke. These are mainly representatives of one of three categories: either elderly peasant women who remain faithful to the age-old traditions; or dashing girls from all sorts of suspicious institutions; or, finally, emancipated young ladies from a local bohemian, for whom smoking is a demonstrative challenge to the establishment. True, in recent times, it is permissible to imagine a cigarette in the hands of a “young lady from a decent family,” but under one condition: she can smoke only indoors, and in a narrow circle of friends. It is permissible for a woman to smoke a cigarette in a cafe, but smoking here on the street (and at work) is still a man’s privilege. Both genders are united by the trend to buy cigarettes online.

Only in recent years has the campaign against smoking started to penetrate into Korea, which since the late eighties has been successfully taking place in most developed countries, primarily in America. In recent years, in Korea, the American-style smoking ban in public places appeared.

So, you can not smoke in the subway, at airports, in some institutions. In addition, it was decided to remove cigarette trading machines from the streets. This explains the fact that teenagers should buy cigarettes online because the sale of tobacco products in Korea is allowed only to persons who have reached the age of 18 (violating the ban of the trader is subject to a considerable fine). All these measures seem to have a certain effect, and the proportion of smokers is gradually going down. But smokers still remain the majority of population and they buy cigarettes online Perth.