After more than 150 years of production of Amphora cigarettes, the Dutch company Douwe Egberts stopped its production in 1998. The Imperial Tobacco Group then took over the production rights, and in the 2000s some Amphora cigarettes were available for sale. However, pipe tobacco was not a priority for Imperial Tobacco, so in 2013 it transferred the production rights for a number of brands to the Danish tobacco manufacturer MSBAGEN. Since then, the Svenborg tobacco factory has been enjoying a revival of the legendary tobacco brand of Amphora cigarettes.

Amphora cigarettes are stuffed with an excellent everyday pipe tobacco with an optimal combination of pleasant taste and reasonable price.

The Amphora Full Aroma tobacco (which accounts for 60% of Amphora sales) finally appeared on the market and became the most popular pipe tobacco until 1998, when the Dutch company Douwe Egberts stopped its production. The production rights then passed to the British tobacco conglomerate Imperial Tobacco Group, which began selling some of the amphora blends in the 2000s. However, as pipe tobacco was not a priority for Imperial Tobacco, in 2013 the rights to produce a number of brands were transferred to Danish tobacco manufacturer McBaren. Since then, the Svenborg tobacco factory has been celebrating the return of legendary tobaccos: the iconic Capstan and Trimonahini are already smoking on our pipes, and the queen of flavors, Amphora, will be back! Today we present you five blends of Amphora cigarettes.

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What are Amphora cigarettes?

The most popular Amphora blend – these are great Amphora cigarettes! Amphora cigarettes are an artful blend of tender flavors, which is inspired by the sweetness of Virginia leaf. Classic Dutch Cavendish with a hint of Kentucky and Oriental. Refreshing fruity aroma. The Amphora Blend that is used for the production of Amphora cigarettes has been blended with centuries of tobacco craftsmanship to achieve the luxurious chocolate tones of the finest burley tobaccos and the perfect balance between Oriental, Kentucky and Virginia. The mild flavor of Amphora Blend is now called Mellow Blend. However, the composition of the blends of these famous tobaccos has not changed.