Welcome to the world of Pall Mall – noble tobaccos that bring a unique and classic character to your life. Using only the highest quality tobacco and carefully selected raw materials, these cigarettes deliver a moment of pleasure that will never go out of style.

England is the birthplace of the Pall Mall cigarettes story. The brand was born in London and quickly gained a following of fine tobacco lovers.

Interesting Facts. Kurt Vonnegut smoked Pall Mall cigarettes directly and used the brand in several novels. He said the cigarettes were suicidal and “an elegant way to kill yourself.

Pall Mall was a commercial sponsor of the TV show “M Warriors”.

In the movie “Prison in the Air,” Cameron Poe, played by Nicolas Cage, buys his daughter a gift. When asked why a rabbit, he replied that he didn’t have much choice in prison and that the only other things he had were a tube of toothpaste and a two-pack of Pall Malls.

The main character in the movie Rosemary’s Baby buys himself a box of Pall Malls. Pall Mall cigarettes were sold on the famous voyage of the Titanic (April 1912) for one pence per packet.

Pall Mall Red was originally launched as a premium tobacco brand with a unique formula that set it apart from others. With its unrivaled quality and elegant packaging, Pall Mall Red earned the loyalty of many fans. Today, Pall Mall Red continues to be a symbol of sophistication and elegance. The brand maintains its reputation through the consistent use of carefully selected tobaccos and advanced technology.

What are Pall Mall cigarettes?

Pall Mall cigarettes are made from a unique blend of tobaccos with deep, rich flavors. Each puff leaves an unforgettable impression with its subtle harmony of flavors and delicate aftertaste. Classic Quality. Pall Mall cigarettes are made from the finest tobaccos to ensure maximum enjoyment from every cigarette. Each cigarette is rigorously tested to ensure that it meets quality standards for an unparalleled smoking experience. Pall Mall is a tobacco that transcends time and fashion. With premium tobacco formulations, elegant packaging, and a long history, Pall Mall invites customers to savor the finer things in life. Order Pall Mall Red cigarettes today with the convenience of our online store.