Kool cigarettes first appeared on the market in 1933. These were the first cigarettes with menthol. Initially, they were produced without a filter, and only in 1960 the production of Kool cigarettes with a filter in king size format was established. In 1970, 100 mm cigarettes were produced for the female audience.

Kool cigarettes have been one of the most popular brands for quite some time. Over time, they lost their positions as a result of competition with other brands of menthol cigarettes. Since 2003, the Kool cigarette brand has been owned by RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, one of the largest tobacco companies in the world. RJ Reynolds owns its own, world-famous brands of menthol cigarettes. Nevertheless, Kool cigarettes continue to be produced in the United States and their quality remains at the same high level.

Producer – At the moment, the rights to Kool cigarettes belong to the Imperial Tobacco Company. This company was founded in 2015 as a result of the merger of Reynolds American (the parent company of RJ Reynolds) and Lorillard Tobacco Company.

Types of Kool cigarettes. Kool cigarettes are produced in the usual and light version. The format is represented by traditional King Size and cigarettes 100 mm. Both are available in both hard and soft packaging. In addition, Kool cigarettes exist in such an interesting variety as the XL format. These are the same King Size and 100 mm, but with a noticeably larger diameter. In cigarettes of this brand, menthol is introduced into the composition of tobacco.

Recently, the design of cigarette packs has changed several times. Now Kool cigarettes are sold in packs of green color, lightweight – in blue. The design is simple but interesting. The Kool inscription is traditionally made with the letters “O” crossed with each other. Kool cigarettes are available in the following denominations: Kool Filter Kings; Kool Super Longs 100’s; Kool Milds; Kool Milds 100’s; Kool XL; Kool XL Milds. To profitably order these Kool cigarettes, please place an order in our online shop.