While it is legal to buy cigarettes online in Canada, there are some pretty stiff rules about it and generally it is not worth the hassle.

First rule You have to be of legal age.

If you are old enough to buy them in the store, you should be entitled to also buy them online. But you would likely have to prove your age somehow, such as providing proof of age by giving a driver’s license or health card number or such.

Second rule You have to pay the excise and other taxes.

The reason cigarettes are so much cheaper from USA and other countries is that they don’t have a lot of the taxes that are laid on top of the product. So let’s say you can order a carton online for $45. You may have to lay on another $45 or more in duty/excise tax/GST/PST/HST. So you get your cigarettes and you save maybe a few dollars per carton, and of course you have to deal with paying online and waiting for delivery, and have it clear customs, and maybe there is a delivery problem. and so on and so on.

I would think it would be easier to just find a discount cigarette place locally. For example, my cousin lives near Kahnawake First Nations and buys her cigarettes just off the highway along the reserve, between her work and her home. Saves the hassles and you have them merchandise in your hands right away after paying for it.

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Politicians fear e-cigarettes threaten tax revenue, call for restrictions

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