The brand of Kiss cigarettes was introduced to the tobacco products market less than a decade ago. The brand’s most distinctive feature is its wide variety of flavors. The compact size of Kiss cigarettes allows them to fit into a woman’s small handbag. Even the most discerning smoker can find their favorite flavor in these cigarettes.

Below are some consumer testimonials for Kiss: It’s a good cigarette. Pleasant mild flavor and stylish packaging design. This brand of tobacco is perfectly feminine. After smoking, there is no feeling of chewing on the ashtray and no unpleasant odor on the hands.

The tobacco products of this brand are produced and controlled by the British manufacturer ITC. These products are produced at the Donskoy Tabak tobacco factory. The company is known worldwide for its high-quality products.

Almost from its launch, Kiss cigarettes have been a huge hit with its original flavors. The brand’s tobacco is manufactured using a water pipe. They come in a variety of flavors, including apple, caramel, lime, peach, and strawberry.

This is not a complete list of Kiss Tobacco flavors. Producers are constantly improving the quality of their products, changing their designs, and adding new flavors. Despite the many innovations, the high quality has not changed. And the prices are relatively low.

As you note, the ideological inspirers of these cigarettes did not ignore any category of smokers.

As soon as you become familiar with the capabilities of this brand, your natural desire will be to purchase it quickly, conveniently and with high quality. And such a possibility, of course, exists. It can be found in a specialized online cigarette store. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact customer service. Everything will be explained to you regarding ordering, delivery and payment.

What are Kiss cigarettes?

The branded Kiss cigarettes are made by the best specialists and each stage of production is subject to strict quality control; the secret of such high quality of Kiss cigarettes is the harmonious selection of tobacco leaves grown in different regions of the world. The main feature of the branded Kiss cigarettes is its excellent quality, guaranteed by modern production technologies. In addition, these cigarettes perfectly satisfy the desires of the most discerning smokers. Since this product is intended for women, the designers created a special colorful packaging. This designer’s decision has added a new color to the Kiss brand.