cigarettesWhen you firmly decide what brand and sort to choose only then there comes a time to go and shop. Multicolor products presented in the windows of the shops may put you in doubt again, but be consistent. Orient on your taste and preferences!

All that you should do- it’s just to visit any store or any kiosk and say what you need. If you want to buy, for example, “Virginia Slims” light  cheap cigarettes with menthol, it is enough to say so, and your prefered pack is in your hands.

Sellers have a good knowledge of this range of products, and if they ask you wht exactly you mean, you can simply show them the desired pack. English-language indications should not confuse – there are few of them and it is quite simple to learn them, at the same time (and this is still good!) to practice language skills a little bit.

Do not be shy; because you purchase the right and good product – and let the others envy you!

There is one more thing. When you buy your first pack, do not forget about the lighter or something like that. Usually lighters are sold together with cigarettes and their choice is also great and captivating, but it is necessary to talk separately about it and for the first time unpretentious but reliable and simple lighter will fit you.

We advise to think about the ashtray: if your smoking intentions are serious, an ashtray will be an important part of the ritual of smoking, the home environment attribute, so pay attention to it immediately.

In fact, an old tin can or kitchen utensils are not the best choice for a delightful process you join at a certain period of your life.

For simplicity of customers, all this can be easily purchased in large supermarkets or chain stores, and eventually in front of you there will be opened the door of souvenir shops and collectibles shops, gift items, offering exquisite lighters and ashtrays, which are real works of art.

And you will be the one to start all that now!

Sometimes experienced people, experienced smokers will recommend you something which is according to their opinion is better for you. Such people can be understood, they advise out of good intentions, but most importantly, they anyway take your opinion and stop recommending.

But there is another group, perhaps they also act out of good intentions, but they can keep you terrorizing with it without an end, so that it begins to seem that they do not want to help you, but only to show how good they are, or simply to torment you.