There is one tobacco product that never loses its relevance. Everything is due to the quality and approach of developers to the presentation system of this brand. So if you are looking for stability in taste, durability in your smoking habits, you definitely need to try Monte Carlo cigarettes from different angles: their taste, aroma and your own sensations. Your own intuition will tell you which flavor variation is worth noting and smoking over a period of time.

The combination of all components is suitable, first of all, for long-term smokers who prefer a classic cigarette to two newfangled “slims”. With each puff, a tart taste of tobacco is felt, and on exhalation a lot of fragrant smoke with a bluish veil is formed.

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What are Monte Carlo cigarettes?

This beloved brand was created by R.J. Reynolds. According to the concept of the JTI holding, which includes the brand; cigarettes are presented as strong, and at the same time inexpensive. Cigarettes were a huge success at the level of other well-known brands. Interesting, but true, the Monte Carlo brand is still successfully sold. The taste is always deep, balanced, without a hint of irritation due to resin, chemical composition or anything like that. As in other cigarettes, there is a standard American mix with a dominant Burley variety. But Virginia gives the taste and aroma special floral and creamy tones.