The best place to buy cigarettes online is duty free stores. These offer you almost every brand cigarette you could dream of at super low prices. How is this possible? Well, you see, the cost of a cigarette is actually pretty cheap. However from the factory to the package and straight to the retailer there is a long, arduous way. Add to that state regulation and taxes on cigarettes and tobacco products and the price you are paying for a pack of cigarettes gets ridiculously high. But what happens with cigarettes that are sold online? They’re manufactured in Europe (either France, Switzerland or another country) and they’re not intended to be sold in the country where they’re manufactured. This means that there is no added fee and the price remains low. The price remains low as long as you don’t sell them on a local market. Duty free stores have started selling EU cigarettes to worldwide customers and this makes them the best place to buy cigarettes online.

But not all online duty free stores sell quality cigarettes. There are many fakes or counterfeit products that put the health of the consumer at risk. If you’re looking for the best place to buy cigarettes online, here is a list of stores that sell quality products.

  1. Direct DutyFree
    This is the number one store that I go to buy cheap cigarettes online. They actually have prices that are lower than in an airport duty free store! They also don’t have any silly restriction on the number of packs you can buy so if you want to buy 10 cartons of Marlboro Gold Fine Touch Slims, you can go ahead and do so (you’ll also get a very nice discount while you’re at it)
  2. Direct Taxfree
    Another high quality stores that also offers discounts on items such as cigars, alcohol, perfumes, cosmetics and tobacco. If you need free worldwide shipping cigars and cigarettes, I would recommend you go with them.
  3. Tax Free Smokes
    If you’re looking for the best place to buy cigarettes online, you’ve found it. While their prices tend to vary, they have the best discounts on wholesale items anywhere on the internet. Their prices for other items are equally competitive. Need a quality cigar? They have it. Fine spirits? Gallons of it, tax free. A fancy perfume? They have it as well. Cosmetics have been added recently.
  4. Top Dutyfree
    A recent shop that sells fashionable brands such as Karelia, Kool, Vogue, Kiss and other types of quality slims. Their recent promo has discounts as high as 60% on various items. Same offer on shipping applies worldwide and free.
  5. Direct Tobacco
    These guys have been in the business since 2007. They’ve never failed to deliver and their customer service is top notch. They even have a refund policy, something which is rare with duty free online stores. They’re also a multi category store, so if you need something other than cigarettes, they probably have it too.

So what is the best place to buy cigarettes online?

The above stores will satisfy all your needs. If you need genuine tobacco, alcohol or perfumes, these stores will deliver without failure. I know I strayed a bit from the subject and didn’t talk only about the best place to buy cigarettes online. But you know what? These items go together and they’re the most purchased items in the history of mankind. So I guess, the next time you need something different, for example a bottle of Jack Daniels or a perfume from Calvin Klein, you’ll remember the best place to buy cigarettes online and you’ll shop there.

But is it legal?

Yes! There’s no law that currently prohibits the sale of tobacco products online. You can read this on the Alcohol and Tobacco Trade Bureau’s site, here. They will also tell you that there’s no such thing as “tax free” but that is outright wrong. The cigarette stores I enumerated above are actually selling them at wholesale prices without any added taxes. Even if you are somehow forced to pay taxes when you receive the package, you will be eligible for a refund, and in the worst case you will be able to return the package without paying anything. But as I said, I have not had a single problem once and I keep buying from these vendors with no worries.

How much can I save if I buy cigarettes online?

About $20 $40 per carton. It depends on the brand. I’m buying Newport and Marlboro mostly. For a pack of Marlboro Red I usually paid anything from $8 to $9 at the retail stores in my area. Buying online I can get a carton of Marlboro Reds for $51.00. That’s 10 packs.

$51 / 10 $5.1 per pack

If I were to buy these at my retail store I would have to spend

$9 x 10 $90 per 10 packs (a carton)

So that’s a saving of

$90 $51 $39 per carton!

The prices go down if you order more than a carton. Neat, eh?

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