Many companies focused on the production of products containing nicotine and tried to reduce the harm done to the body of heavy smokers. Vivid examples are the production of electronic cigarettes, chewing tobacco, all kinds of adhesives. The use of Iqos heating system is one of the most innovative solutions.

This new smoking device, which is produced under the acronym Iqos, is the development of the famous tobacco company Philip Morris. The system was introduced to the attention of the audience in 2014. The principle of operation of the device eliminates the burning of tobacco. Smokers receive a minimum of hazardous substances. Moderate heating of the raw material makes it possible to enjoy the familiar taste and natural tobacco aroma.

The technologically advanced states were the first to pick up the idea. Immediately after the premiere of the system in the market, the device began to be sold in Japan. Then the device was allowed in Italy. Australia is no exception to the rule and Iqos heets Australia are sold online and locally.

Researchers from the above countries have found that tobacco use through Iqos reduces harm to the body by as much as 90%. After all, poisonous resins and combustion products no longer enter the smoker’s lungs. The use of the system makes it possible to avoid the discomfort associated with the unpleasant smell of smoke.

There are many options for getting the right dose of nicotine. The first option is cigarettes. An unpleasant smell remains on hands, clothes, hair. The second option – vape, has a pleasant aroma, a lot of smoke. You have to smoke throughout the day, it is expensive. Iqos heets Australia is the third option, popular among smokers in Australia. They do not leave an unpleasant odor; make up for nicotine in two to three uses. And you need to purchase special flavored sticks.

Heets sticks are universal sticks for smoking. They are used with electronic cigarettes. They differ from tobacco products in the complete absence of a pungent odor; they are more expensive and more economical. They are distinguished by a wide range of different flavors, making the smoking process pleasant and interesting.