In our online shop, we offer you to buy cigarettes, which are good in price and performance.

With our offers, you buy cigarettes from Pall Mall that respond to the trend towards large packs in this market and are well received by customers. 40 or 50 pieces are contained in a box. Consumers reward this and buy a lot in the shops. The two product variants of the Pall Mall brand are the gold winners in this category. The Pall Mall Cigarette Blue is made with a unique blend of Sun Ripened tobacco.

The other component of the Pall Mall Blue is a special Burley tobacco. After the harvest, it remains in the sun for up to two days to ripen. This maturing process gives Pall Mall cigarettes the very special aroma that made Pall Mall so famous. The price / performance ratio of Pall Mall cigarettes is very good according to the manufacturer and is particularly valued by customers to buy cigarettes. Difference: The Pall Mall Blue variant is less substantial than the Pall Mall Red, which is made from the same basic components.

In order to be able to continue offering the popular XXL pack format, Philip Morris expanded the Marlboro cigarettes product family at the beginning of the year. Since then, the Red XXL has been available as a pack of 29 to buy cigarettes. This puts the manufacturer in second place in this category. In July, the company reacted again and launched the Marlboro Red 4XL with 40 cigarettes.

The reason: In the factory cigarette segment, sales of original packs of 20 continue to decline. Many consumers have now got used to the round euro price points. To respond to this continuing development, Philip Morris expanded its Marlboro portfolio accordingly. The new large format offers customers savings that are sometimes over ten percent. The taste remains the same: The Marlboro Red cigarette has a certain spice in it, but is still not overloaded and also has a light taste.