European Cigarettes or Western European cigarettes are highly demanded cigarettes in Europe and in America there are also brands that are popular. Cigarettes from Europe are well established because again like American were well marketed through all types of media like television, radio, and billboards before the ban on advertising on cigarettes came about.

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The pricing in general of European made cigarettes a fairly expensive, but not as expensive as American made cigarettes. This is because European made cigarettes are looked upon as manufactured to the highest of quality. Branding and marketing also goes along way, cigarette brands from London especially are well recognised.

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The creator of this cigarette brand is Eastern European tobacco producer Tutun CTC. The best brands of this company are Doina.

This tobacco product is one of the most illustrious cigarette brands presented on its domestic market. TEMP cigarettes are smoked by thousands. Usually, the fans of this brand are veteran cig’ users, but things have changed after the company introduced a new nuance in taste of TEMP cigarettes. Tutun CTC has revolutionized the nature of brand’s ingredients by introducing superior tobacco additives and up to date cigarette package. Now, TEMP have become a style, a way of living in high tempo.

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