Smokers are always selective. They, like every buyer, dream and make every effort to achieve it. And those who are accustomed to smoking only original cigarettes are faced with the question of replenishing their collection of cigarettes.

Kent cigarettes are exactly the kind of products that you need to constantly try and get to know. They are completely different, with different strengths and tastes. But they are united by a single attribute – high quality and high standards of production of this product.

Let’s give an example of one of the variations of this brand. King Blue cigarettes offer the smoker a delicate and gentle smoking experience with a profound taste. Due to the blend aroma and well-balanced nicotine levels, this variety is chosen by smokers who adore lighter smoke and stay loyal to it.

As you note, the ideological inspirers of these cigarettes did not ignore any category of smokers.

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What are King cigarettes?

King’s was produced in April 1946 on Chr. Augustinus’ Factories at Amager. And in 2003, the brand had an official trademark registration. The brand is predominantly marketed in Denmark. This product means the reputation and quality. The consumer buys not only design and attractive package, but the whole bouquet of aroma and deep at a sensible price. This philosophy of the mark made it possible for the goods to have a dominant position in the tobacco sphere. And those smokers who have never heard of this brand are happy to get to know it on an ongoing basis. And they are never disappointed.