the Lights have less tar and nicotine than Reds. These readings are determined by “smoking machines” which analyze the chemical signatures and composition of the tobacco smoke they “inhale.” However, these numbers can be slightly misleading a cigarette smoking machine will only draw in smoke a certain way, while methods of actual cigarette smoking vary substantially from user to user.A close examination of a Marlboro Light cigarette will reveal tiny pin hole sized perforations on the outer rim of the filter, which are absent from the filters of Marlboro Red cigarettes. These perforations are sometimes called ” filter vents,” and they allow more air to pass through the filter and into the lungs, substantially decreasing the amount of actual smoke being inhaled by the cigarettes with this type of “light” filter are tested, the increased air to smoke ratio causes lower readings of tar and nicotine. Of course, because of the position of these filter vents, a smokers lips, unlike a machine, will often cover these perforations while “taking a drag,” causing more smoke to enter the from the chemical and engineering differences between Marlboro Reds and Marlboro Lights, there are a few aesthetic variations between the two varieties. Marlboro Lights are wrapped with white filter paper and encircled by a thin golden band, with black “Marlboro” lettering on the cigarette paper. Marlboro Reds, on the other hand, are wrapped with a standard two tone speckled yellow filter paper, which is an homage to the early days of cigarette production when filters were made of packaging of the two varieties of Marlboro is noticeably different, as well. While a box or soft pack of Marlboro Lights is white, with a gold chevron design, Marlboro Reds are white with a red chevron design, hence the reason they are referred to as “Reds.”More reference links / cigarette

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