THE tobacco industry misled the public and legislators over cigarettes designed to pose less of a fire hazard, internal industry documents reveal. Manufacturers stated publicly that the cigarettes would not sell, even though their own research showed smokers couldn’t tell them apart from regular cigarettes.

In all countries where data is available, cigarettes are the leading cause of fire deaths. In the US alone, a thousand people are killed each year in smoking related fires, and a third of them are not the smoker responsible. At the beginning of January 2003, New York state will achieve a world first by introducing fire safety regulations for cigarettes to combat the problem.

Efforts to make cigarettes less likely to cause a fire began in the 1970s when the industry tested prototypes with different tobacco blends, fire resistant additives and low porosity paper that restricted the amount of oxygen reaching the burning tobacco. All the cigarettes …

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Cigarettes – what they are?

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We live in a time where everyone is facing some stressful situations almost every day. That is why sometimes people that find it hard to cope with some situations, look for ways to make things easier or less stressful. Some go on a holiday and just relax, others take a drink, or a coffee, and some smoke. Yes it is a habit that has infected many people and it is very hard to give it up. Although people know that it causes a lot of side effects and it is very dangerous for the health they do it anyway! Smoking is just contagious. We will discuss cigarettes and smoking in the following article.

Cigarettes general information

As we mentioned in the introduction one very popular but also very dangerous product are cigarettes. Besides all the campaigns that are launched about their side effects and dangers, people continue to smoke. But before we go one any further discussing smoking and its risks we will explain what a cigarette is actually. A cigarette is a tobacco that is finely cut and put in a paper so that people can smoke it. You can smoke the cigarette only from one end, from the other the smoke comes out. When you hear the word cigarette you usually think of regular tobacco cigarette, but the term can also be used for some kind of herbs as well. The cigarette contains a lot of addictives and it might even contain some flavors. All in the goal to keep people smoking!

What makes cigarettes so addictive?

Smoking is a very nasty habit! But once you ve started it is hard to give up. You are used to do it with coffee, after a meal, during a meal, when you wake up, when you drink etc. But what is it about smoking that makes it so contagious and addictive? It is the nicotine. An ingredient or a drug contained in tobacco. The brain instantly absorbs it once you light a cigar. Smoking or the nicotine also encourages the release of adrenaline through the body. If you drink coffee and smoke at the same time you will feel it even more. In other words cigarettes are like a drug. You get used to them and it is very hard to give up. There are a lot of places people can ask for help quitting but it is important that a person wants to really give up smoking, otherwise it will be impossible. Most people claim they will quit and do it for a month or two and then they buy a pack. Deciding to quit, but really deciding can be hard, but it is the smartest thing anyone can do. You save money and you are healthier at the same time!

Diseases cigarettes cause

Cigarettes are very harmful and responsible for the cause of many diseases. It is good to know what diseases they can cause or speed up, before you start or continue smoking. They speed up the process of lung cancer. They can also affect infertility. Smoking increases the chances of heart diseases, other oral cancers, or lung diseases. It is also bad for your teeth, mouth and breath. People that smoke also tend to grow older faster than others. People that smoke tend to die younger than those who don t. Smoking is also related to leukemia. So the smartest thing to do is quit smoking. It is bad for you and the people around you!