If you are only interested in high-end premium tobacco products, then you should choose More cigarettes without too much skepticism. Their calling card has always been this clear quality and pure taste of tobacco. Moreover, such a manifestation is present in all variations of the brand. Their packaging comes in shades of red; its length differs sharply from that of its counterparts in the business. Brown paper symbolizes aristocracy and high level, the answer to all consumer needs. Bohemia appreciated More and at all social events, many people smoked cigarettes with pleasure. Moreover, the developments of 1975 are used by the company, not everything is old bad, on the contrary, and it is a sign of constancy. And fans will not remain in debt, they continue to smoke non-stop.

The marketing focus of the developers is also aimed at the female audience. The line is replenished with new flavors. Tobacco with menthol attracts close attention. For this tobacco bag, an American blend is constantly used. More cigarettes include a filter, but they are still strong without it. And since they are longer than traditional cigarettes, the process becomes longer, revealing the full taste.

Buy these products online! Convenience is a priority. When buying in a regular store, you need to spend time on the road, communicating with not always friendly sellers, choosing the right position and bringing it all home. Online shopping implies that the courier service will deliver the order and the customer does not have to worry about how the selected products will get to his home.

What are More cigarettes?

RJ Reynolds sells More cigarettes for the category of smokers who always want to be different from the general audience in all aspects and attributes. Peculiar appearance and unique blends, including the beloved Menthol base, are the characteristics of premium products. Tobacco drinkers in this preference section agree that the true American quality of cigarettes is an indicator of how cigarettes should be made and tasted. First of all, it is precisely those notes that define the entire essence of cigarettes. Having become acquainted with various variations, you are unlikely to think so soon about changing the brand to something else.