west_compact_silverThe West cigarettes are pioneers of the market of tobacco products in Europe. They are unique in their nature and can surprise you every time.

This brand quickly gained popularity due to the original bouquet of flavors and fragrances, which is characterized by acerbity, and thick white smoke of the classic European cigarettes. West cigarettes are the cigarettes that have to be tried by every smoker in order to understand that this very brand was absent in someone’s life since a smoker started smoking. This is a good reason to smoke and stick to this very brand.

Since a long time, the West cigarettes are widely known and very popular. Basically, it was a great merit of the advertising campaign, which included the sponsorship of the Formula 1.

Anyway, due to the exceptional quality of these cigarettes, the brand West still occupies the leading sales positions in Germany and in such countries as Slovenia, Slovakia, Russia, Azerbaijan and Poland.

The successful combination of tobacco varieties Burley, which is prepared by freezing, allowed the manufacturer company to successfully promote these cigarettes in European market and win sympathies of s great number of smokers.

Nowadays, the West cigarettes are distributed in 90 countries around the world, but the real start to the currently existing sales volume was done in 1981, when they had firstly appeared on the shelves of tobacco shops in Germany.

Wide advertising campaigns, accompanying the marketing of this extraordinary brand, made it to one of the most popular and best-purchased cigarette brands in Germany.

Since 1986, this brand has been successfully expanding the sales sector in the countries of Eastern and Central Europe.

In 2000, the manufacturer of this brand hit the market with a number of innovative technologies. All West cigarettes are now equipped with special unique filters, which are manufactured from coal-acetate, purifying smoke of cyanide, benzene and nitrogen. And a special dissipate in the form of blades, through which smoke fills the smoker’s lungs, allowing fully experience the rich taste of German cigarettes.

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